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How We Pack Our Cooler

Updated: May 17, 2021

Snacks will make or break you when it comes to taking small kids fishing. Here are a few tips and tricks we've learned that have literally saved the day when things get a little crazy out on the water.

First things first, Gummies. We try to eat relatively healthy in our daily lives. However, on the boat, anything goes. I repeat, ANYTHING GOES. Our goal is to spend the day (or couple hours) on the boat, in the sun, catch some fish, have some fun. In order for us to optimize our day and our sanity, we pack all the good stuff. Some Gummies reign supreme in our house *cough cough* Annies Organic Strawberry Bunnies. And calling them "fruit snacks" makes them healthy right?!

“Our goal is to spend the day (or couple hours) on the boat, in the sun, catch some fish, have some fun”

The true way I combat boat snacks and make sure everyone has something 'special' that they like, whether I go to our neighborhood grocery store or Publix, I ask Grayton what "special treat" he wants. Sometimes it's a healthy choice like apples or carrots, and sometimes it's Cheetos and gummy bears, and that's okay. I want my children's memory of going on the boat to be full of happiness and fun!! We counter our sometimes fun snacks (unhealthy) with healthy choices when we're not out on the water. Some days our cooler is packed with only fresh fruits and veggies and sometimes its a grab bag of pre-packaged things. The point here is keep it interesting, but the boat is not the time or place to power struggle over food with your toddler!

So what does our cooler typically look like?

-Water, Lots of water.

-Applesauce Pouches

-Sandwiches or PB&J (Uncrustables)

-Grains: Pretzels, Chips, etc.

-Nuts or Dried Fruit

-and you guessed it GUMMIES

Try not to stress about your child's food choices when planning your boat days. Pack lots of options, healthy or not, and ENJOY YOUR TIME!

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