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Finding and keeping kids interested in the outdoors has proved to be difficult for many of the leading icons in the industry. With so many distractions from the cyber world to lazy parenting, less and less people are hunting and fishing. You're probably thinking well that’s great, less people on the water fishing my spots, less kooks at the boat ramp jamming up traffic. Unfortunately, it means less and less people are investing money into state and federal programs, conservation efforts and the outdoor industry as a whole. It's our job as stewards of the outdoors to mentor and develop our kids with the same respect and etiquette we execute while hunting or fishing. However, we have to get a little more creative to keep up with the times. In the eyes of a young kid or teenagers, if it's not fun or cool, then it receives no attention, thus the death of a lot of outdoor traditions in this ever expanding urban environment.






















Our goal is to prove to others that fishing and hunting can be enjoyable to new parent anglers and kids. We are directly influencing how parents of today raise their kids by giving them a brief insight of our days on the water using venues such as social media. We show and explain our many successes and failures we go through and how you can do it better through our mistakes. It's no easy task and requires a great deal of dedication and patience which we are learning very quickly as our kids get older. What comes to us so easily might not for your family and with that being said, your main goal should just be making the outdoors as enjoyable as possible.  


Hope you enjoy our content and website, and if there is any other information you need or would like to know hit us up any time.

Lindsay and Scott Brown

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