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Fishing Etiquette 

Sustainment for our future fisheries

Understanding "Fishing Etiquette" is very important for our future anglers. Inshore, offshore, freshwater lakes, or rivers, having respect for our waters is paramount to the sustainment and survival of our fisheries. 

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Size limits and obeying the law

Setting a good example and obeying the law is important, especially if your mentoring young anglers. Be sure to have a proper fishing license if your not fishing with a guide and understand the size and quantity limits of the species your fishing for. 
A good tip is to purchase a lifetime fishing license whenever your kid turns the required age to have one. Fishing license help fund public ramps and federal conservation efforts.
How much is to much? Just because its legal to keep a certain number of fish, doesn't mean you need to. Most people end up throwing filets into the freezer only to be thrown in the trash a year later. Be modest and humble about what you keep and give the smaller fish time to grow and the bigger fish a chance to become records, the medium size fish taste better anyways.
If the law says you cannot remove a species out of the water then don't do it, we see to many teenagers raising tarpon over 40 in out of the water only to drop them on docks, boats or rocks, be respectful of the fish and obey the laws.
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Fish handling

There is nothing wrong with wanting to get a picture of your kid with a lifetime fish, understand though that not all fish are created equal when it comes to surviving out of their environment.
It's been proven that a bonefish can only survive out of the water for 10 seconds before it's not able to swim off capable of surviving in the water.
Lets start with :
If you think there is a chance that the fish might slip out of your hands when landed, ensure you are handling it over water. Make sure your hands are wet and you dont wear gloves when handling fish, they have a protective slime coating which protects them from bacteria and other organisms that live in the water. 
Landing nets are ok as long as they have a rubber coating around the net so as to not remove the slime, they also do well to land the fish quicker and to keep the fish protected from sharks.
Ensure that you have a proper de hooker so that you can either de hook the fish in the water or remove a hook you cannot get to. If for some reason you cannot reach the hook its better to just cut the line at the hook and let it rust out of the fishes mouth.
At the end of the day there is a fine line to safe guarding our natural resources and ruining the fun for our future anglers, be mindful of both and establish a balance and set a good standard for others to follow.

Respect the Fisheries and other anglers around you.

Everyone knows what's morally right from wrong, if your gut is telling you that your too close to another boat or angler that's engaged in fishing, go somewhere else. Chances are, you will discover a spot that is just as good or learn something vital to your fisheries by doing something different. It's not worth an altercation and take the fun out of it for everyone. 
Respect your fisheries by policing up trash and anything else that does not belong, represent your traditions and sport in a positive fashion and bring credibility to your community by have good fishing etiquette on and off the water.
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