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About Us

We're Scott and Lindsay Brown, two parents to two energetic kids, who test our mental sanity as we continue to pursue some of the best hunting and fishing the our waters have to offer. Hooked On Family started off as an idea for home videos on YouTube after we had a short iPhone video of our 3 year old son casting into the mangroves go viral.

Hundreds of people started messaging on Instagram about how we taught our son to cast proficiently. We took it as an opportunity to show other parents how we raise our kids in the outdoors and what fishing and hunting truly teaches you. We firmly believe that hunting and fishing indirectly teaches you some of the most important life lessons. Nothing is free, everything must be worked for through persistence and patience. There is no instant gratification in the world of the sportsman, a concept which has been long forgotten in our current day and age. A respect for Mother Nature will be observed as there will be uncomfortably wet, cold, and hot days, on and off the water, which ultimately makes you appreciative in general. These are just some of the lessons and character traits that a human being will acquire naturally in the outdoors which in turn creates a contributing member to our society and care taker of our natural resources. 

Meet The Team

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